"OMFG YOUR BLOG IS AMAZING i mean I'm a Malcolm girl but still ur blog is like 736388% perf"

thank you so much! i haven’t updated (or even watched it, for that matter) in forever but this really made me smile. :-)

"Hi :-) can I get the link for the nightmare room off you please?:') thanks a million x"

the episode is the fourth of the first season, known as “tangled web”.

part one is here

and part two is here

you’re welcome, lovely. :*

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Frankie Muniz, Justin Berfield, and Erik Per Sullivan behind the scenes of Malcolm in the Middle

Credit: x

From left to right:

"Teen Beat" magazine, April 2002- “Justin Berfield wasn’t clowning around when he agreed to be a national youth ambassador for the Ronald McDonald House Charities. As ambassador, he’ll visit Ronald McDonald Houses and hang out with the kids. Talk about one big hearted Mac.”

"Popstar!" magazine, May 2002- Okay, his hair isn’t totally blond…but he’s got the whole bleachy thing going on and Justin is a kid who soared onto the Popstar! radar in the past year. He may play a jerky big bro on Malcolm in the Middle, but in real life, Justin is as sweet as he is cute. 

"Tiger Beat" magazine, August 2002- [Quoted by Justin] “I’m just short for my age now. They say I’m going to grow.” 

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"You're blog is just epicness!! Do you know any other Malcolm in the Middle blogs?? <3"

Thank you! :’) 

It’s kind of sad because there aren’t many MITM blogs, but blellowskykittens is a really awesome blog. And although I am a Malcolm in the Middle blog, a lot of the things on it do center around or include Reese/Justin Berfield. But the other blog has a lot more. :)

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sodapop-and-ritalinrats asked: 9 favorite pictures of Justin Berfield.